Fashion focus: the freedom of individual university style


By Emmalie Tomini, for the Lambda

Although we’re only two months into the school year, Laurentian students seem to be settling into the fall term in style.

For many students, this may even be the first time free of the knee-high stockings and sweater vests that school uniforms require – now, what you want to wear is entirely up to you.

Students, congratulations: you are allowed to wear tank tops with straps that are less than the width of three fingers.

University life gives you the freedom to present yourself however you please. This is part of why your personal style is so important: it is a reflection of how you are feeling, what your interests are, and so much more. While it is by no means a measure of how affluent you are, it may serve as an expression of your character.

If your budget is tight, don’t worry — having great personal style doesn’t mean going out and purchasing a new wardrobe. More than anything, style comes from the way you wear clothes, not the clothes themselves.

Expressing yourself visually through what you wear doesn’t mean conforming to trends or other social norms.  Having killer personal style means wearing what makes you feel comfortable, confident and most authentically, like yourself.   

Keeping with tradition, this fashion focus will highlight one Laurentian University student who is embracing and expressing their personal style.

Name: Gabriel Grenier

Program: First year engineering

What are you wearing? Matinique shirt, Jack & Jones jeans, Rockport shoes

What are you listening to? Lately, The Milk Carton Kids

How would you describe your personal style and who or what are your style influences? Let’s go with ‘classy lumberjack.’ I don’t really go looking for influences, though. I wear what I think looks nice and is comfortable.

What does personal style mean to you? It’s a little early for philosophical questions, don’t you think?

Do you have any fashion advice to give? Don’t be afraid of dressing up a little. Everyone enjoys dressing up and seeing others dressed up.

Photo by Emmalie Tomini