More Laurentian faculty members awarded research grants


By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief

Four faculty members of Laurentian University have been awarded research grants totaling over 250,000 dollars. These grants add to a total of 1.3 million dollars previously awarded to Laurentian faculty and students from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).

Grant recipients include Dr. Tammy Gaber, an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture, Dr. Susan Glover, an Associate Professor in the Department of English, and Dr. Tim Nieguth, an Associate Professor in the Barrie campuses Department of Political Science (Barrie).

All funds awarded originated from Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for 2015.

Dr. Alicia Hawkins, an Associate Professor with the School of the Environment, was almost among the award recipients. Hawkins was awarded $24,530 from the SSHRC’s Connection Grant program, which is intended to support events and outreach activities geared toward short-term, targeted knowledge mobilization initiatives that present opportunities to exchange knowledge.

“We are delighted with the strong showing by our Laurentian faculty in this year’s applications for SSHRC funding,” said Dr. Rui Wang, Laurentian University Vice-President of Research.

Wang, who cited bringing further research and funding opportunities to the Laurentian community when he began the position in January 2015, continued on to state that the success of the faculty members’ grants speaks to “the depth and the quality of research conducted in all departments at Laurentian University,” and concluded by congratulating all recipients.

Recipients and their projects are as follows. From the SSHRC’s Insight Development Grant program:

– Dr. Tammy Gaber, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture

Project: Beyond the Divide: A Century of Canadian Mosque Design and Gender Allocations

Award: $63,935

– Dr. Susan Glover, Associate Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts

Project: Indigenous Writing and Literary Networks in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Canada

Award: $66,748

– Dr. Tim Nieguth, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science (Barrie), Faculty of Arts

Project: The True (Blue) North: The Prime Minister and Canadian Nation Building since 2006

Award: $74,044

From the SSHRC’s Connection Grant program:

– Dr. Alicia Hawkins, Associate Professor, School of the Environment, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture

Project: Circles of Interaction: the Wendat and their neighbours in the time of Champlain

Award: $24,530