“Iconic Juices” shop opens in University of Sudbury

iconic juices 1

By Emma Tomini, Contributor

Here is a juicy piece of news: “Iconic Juices” is open and operational in the University of Sudbury.

Co-owners Jaime Owora and Shaun Gordon, two Laurentian University students, opened LU’s first smoothie shop October 17, 2016. Owora is currently in his second year of Communications Studies, while Gordon is in his third year, studying economics. The two are the sole owners of the business.

This new option comes as a relief to many students, either already tired of Chartwell’s or not willing to wait in lengthy Tim Horton’s lines. They offer a humble selection of fruit smoothies, priced at $4.00, and the option to add whey protein or milk substitutes like as coconut and soy milk for an additional cost. Their smoothies are promoted as being free from any preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners.

This is only phase one for Owora and Gordon’s business. In the works is a mobile app, allowing Laurentian students and faculty to order and purchase beverages through the app and have them delivered to designated campus delivery points. This phase of the business is set to be rolled out in the new year.

The duo’s mission statement is to use “a new approach to solve common problems faced by retail brands on university and college campuses” by merging technology-based business with food products made with fresh, whole ingredients.

Iconic Juices is located on the first floor of University of Sudbury. Their business hours are 10am-5pm from Monday to Friday.

Gordon left, Owora right in photo by Emma Tomini