Voyageurs Nordic ski team begins season training

Ski team BY Maddie Nolan

The snow hasn’t quite hit Sudbury yet, but the Laurentian Voyageurs Nordic ski team is off to a strong start to the 2015-2016 season. The team has been utilizing all that Laurentian campus and Greater Sudbury has to offer in their fall training so far.

Through activities such as running, ski bounding, hiking, roller skiing, biking, and strength workouts, the team has been building cardiovascular endurance and strength in the off- season to prepare for their gruelling races in the winter months. The first practice of the season took advantage of The Crack, a popular hiking trail in Killarney Provincial Park.

The 15 km run was complemented by perfect weather, rock climbing, and a few breaks to take in panoramic views of Killarney Provincial Park and Georgian Bay. Fall training will set the team on track to success this winter and the Nordic ski team members are looking forward to the first snowflakes in the coming months.

-Photo by Maddie Nolan