Huntington welcomes local health food blogger

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By Leanne Ofori-Atta, for the Lambda

As a part of Mental Health Awareness week, Huntington University invited local food blogger Megan Band to speak to students about healthy recipes that are easy to make and that contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

The workshop took place on Oct. 7 in the Huntington University Social Centre.

“Healthy eating is so important because it gives (people) energy,” said Band after her presentation. “When people switch into eating healthier they see the results in the energy they gain. Mentally, a healthier diet help (with) focus.”

Band, who only just put up her blog, Straight from the Jar, in May of this year, added that even though she does not particular follow a specific diet, she makes it her goal to eat whole foods and avoid anything processed.

Mental Health Awareness week which is yearly conducted at Laurentian University focuses on recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness, bringing to light the impact it has on individuals and families, and removing the stigma of what mental illness means.

-Photos by Kayla Perry