Submission Guidelines

Tell us what makes this campus special. Give us an interesting look at a student’s life. An event like no other. A mind-blowing lecture. Introduce innovative professors or showcase left-field research. There are more stories at Laurentian than you can imagine. Catch one for us.

The Lambda welcomes submissions from Laurentian students, faculty, alumni and members of the Laurentian community. Because of space and time constraints, not every submission will be printed in our newspaper or posted online. The Editor of the Lambda uses their discretion as to what will fit in either form.

The Lambda has six general sections or beats: News, Opinion, Sports, Features, Lifestyle and Entertainment. An editor will coach you through the development of ideas and proper (Canadian Press) writing style. Look at some of our back issues posted online, and you will find not only a diversity of subject matter, but you will also get an idea of what Lambda will likely print.

We will not print any content that is libellous or hateful. We welcome work that is provocative or takes a stand, but well-thought out and persuasive arguments are much more likely to make the publication than an advocacy piece or rant against certain political parties. The Lambda will also not publish work that contains a conflict of interest. If you have any concerns or questions about what constitutes a conflict of interest, please consult The Lambda Code of Ethics.

Your submissions should be accompanied by your name, year and program of study, and your Laurentian email address.

Should a piece be declined, the author retains rights to the work and should consider submitting the work elsewhere.

Accepted forms:

News Briefs. 100-250 words.  Straight news, usually with one source (A ‘quote’.). Tell us the Who, What, Where and Why of the event. This can be anything from a power outage in a residence, to a stalled utility truck blocking a path, to the results of the championship sports match. The editor will print or post depending on the timeliness of the story. Include photos, if possible.

Op-Ed. 250-500 words. State your position on matters of great importance to students. Convince the Laurentian Student Body that your ideas deserve to be heard. Back them up with two or more sources. These needn’t be direct quotes, though that helps. Research papers, minutes from SGA meetings, content from an instructor’s lecture, comments from a senator or your own experience count. The Lambda’s editor will review the piece to ensure that your voice remains clear, but has the ultimate authority on whether to print or post.

Letters to the Editor. These can be of any length, tackling any subject. Usually the goal is to clarify, instruct, or persuade readers.

Feature. 1000+ words. Long form journalism. In-depth research. Analysis, reflection and articulation. If you can’t get five sources to back your story up, then you haven’t written a proper feature. These can range from hard-hitting spots on Laurentian administrators, profiles of controversial research, analysis of recent amendments, or additions to student life which have a deep impact on students. These should most definitely include photos, or at least direct us to the people and places to be photographed. Think centre-spread, or the meaty middle of your favourite magazine or Sunday paper.


Please email submissions to:, or