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Suspended Voyageurs release joint statement

This morning, the Lambda was contacted by the counsel to the five suspended basketball players. While they cannot speak directly to the media at this time, they have prepared a joint statement (below). Joint Statement of the Five Student-Athletes Suspended from the Laurentian University Basketball Team We are deeply saddened[…]

Full Story: Five varsity athletes suspended over hazing at rookie party

By Jessica Robinson, Editor-in-Chief Five veteran players on the Laurentian Voyageurs varsity men’s basketball team have been suspended by LU athletic director Peter Hellstrom over allegations of hazing at a rookie night ceremony held Sept. 24. “As far as our university and their policy went, they didn’t really cover what[…]

Does the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct need re-writing?

By Jessica Robinson, Editor-in-Chief With Laurentian’s confirming the university’s athletic disciplinary procedure involving a Committee of Inquiry has not been tested in recent years, suspended Voyageurs are wondering whether or not the policy needs to be updated in order to better fit real life circumstances. Five veterans players from the[…]

Student starts synchro swim club on campus

By Deryek Sandhu, Contributor Have you ever wondered how synchronized swimmers keep up with the rhythm and beat of the music? It’s underwater speakers. Candice Larochelle, a third year Con-Ed student at Laurentian, answered this longstanding question of mine, and also offered insight into what went into creating Laurentian University’s[…]

Parking Services says expansion of lots not “in foreseeable future”

By Shanleigh Brosseau, Contributor It has not been a good start to the new semester for Laurentian commuters, what with parking prices increasing, lots being over filled and parking fines being issued. Laurentian University’s staff and students are more upset than ever with the parking issues, and have taken to[…]

Campus mod: what’s where, and how goes it?

By Emma Tomini, Contributor Laurentian’s 63 million dollar campus modernization project is well underway. The project boasts 250 000 sq. ft. of construction attributed to redesigned classrooms, teaching labs, a welcome centre, gathering areas and other multi-functional spaces. Last winter saw the completion of the Classroom Building as well as[…]

LU hosts federal cabinet retreat

By Oshani Amaratunga, Contributor As of August 21-22 2016, Laurentian University became the first post-secondary institution to host a Federal Cabinet Retreat. Over the course of the two-day event, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accompanied by over 100 government officials, stayed overnight in LU’s West Residence; they attended cabinet meetings during[…]

Chartwells marks new chapter in LU food services history

By Wali Kahn, Contributor As the sun set on the 2015-2016 school year, so did it on Laurentian University’s primary food service provider, Aramark. Aramark’s tenure was marked with consistently poor reviews on food quality. Consequently, an online petition was set up by one of the students which demanded an[…]