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LUPSA: There’s still time to sign up for this year’s Model Parliament

By Jessica Robinson, Editor-in-Chief With just two weeks left to sign up, LUPSA is urging students to consider attending Model Parliament, this year being the event’s 25 year anniversary. LUPSA (the Laurentian University Political Science Association) is a campus club that promotes anything and everything involved with politics. As a nonpartisan[…]

Update: Varsity basketball players will remain suspended “until after the new year”

Just two hours before the Laurentian Voyageurs men’s and women’s basketball teams will take to the court for this season’s home opener games, the school sent out a statement to the Laurentian community via email regarding recent players’ suspensions. The email (in full below) explains that the players will be suspended “until after the new year”. It[…]

Op-Ed: We need to remember what Remembrance Day really means

By: Riley Brooks Last year around this time, I remember walking through campus in awe, not because of all the changing leaves, but rather the lack of one colour – red. There is a generation that precedes us considered to be the greatest generation to ever exist. This generation of[…]

“Iconic Juices” shop opens in University of Sudbury

By Emma Tomini, Contributor Here is a juicy piece of news: “Iconic Juices” is open and operational in the University of Sudbury. Co-owners Jaime Owora and Shaun Gordon, two Laurentian University students, opened LU’s first smoothie shop October 17, 2016. Owora is currently in his second year of Communications Studies,[…]

Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec is coming to Laurentian University

Entering the second decade of the program, Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec (CNTAE) is one of the largest and most influential post-secondary marketing competitions in Canada. The program is sponsored by real companies who put their reputation in the hands of Canada’s top Marketing students. Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec[…]

Profile: Dr. Brawn is Laurentian’s most interesting professor

By Riley Brooks, Contributor While the Dos Equis man might be the most interesting man in the world, Dr. Brawn can certainly claim the title of Laurentian University’s most interesting professor. Always clad in a suit and tie, the associate Law and Justice professor’s presence on campus is easily distinguished.[…]

Open house streeter: What do you love about Laurentian?

The Lambda stopped by the Ben Avery on October 22, 2016, to chat with some of the student reps (and one President!) to hear about why they love LU. Rebecca H., Fourth-year Forensic Science student “I love Laurentian because my program is super close-knit. My professors are awesome, and I get[…]

Suspended Voyageurs release joint statement

This morning, the Lambda was contacted by the counsel to the five suspended basketball players. While they cannot speak directly to the media at this time, they have prepared a joint statement (below). Joint Statement of the Five Student-Athletes Suspended from the Laurentian University Basketball Team We are deeply saddened[…]