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Squires: Canadian appreciation, eh?

By Taylor Squires When I was growing up, I used to always dread coming home from all of my trips abroad. I remember walking through the Park Güell in Barcelona and thinking there was absolutely no way that I could go home. Why would I want to? Things always seemed[…]

Editoral: I support Johnny Humphrey

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief After acting as President of the Students’ General Association for nearly one year, Johnny Humphrey has proven time and time again that he has the responsibility and ability to successfully lead the SGA. In the last year alone, under Humphrey’s leadership the SGA has re-introduced day[…]

Squires: How to avoid culture shock while abroad

By Taylor Squires I think one of the most interesting concepts in the world is culture shock. Many people claim to know what it is and if you were to ask them to define it, they would probably give you something along the lines of ‘a feeling of disorientation that[…]

Squires: A final reflection on a semester abroad

By Taylor Squires Before I start writing columns concerning anything else, I’d first like to write one last piece about my semester abroad. Even as I type this out, the fact that my exchange has come to an end is such a bizarre feeling to me; it seriously feels like[…]

Editorial: Reflecting on a year at LU

By Kayla Perry, Editor in Chief As we arrive at the last issue of the school year, I always like to take some time to look back over the past year: not just where we’ve come as a nation or country, but also as a community: specifically, the Laurentian community.[…]

Editorial: Laurentian now top-ten

By Kayla Perry, Editor in Chief As was evidenced by Maclean’s annual release of its Canadian University rankings last week, Laurentian has risen to be a top-10 Canadian university in the primarily undergraduate category. Since Dominic Giroux’s inauguration as President and Vice-Chancellor of the university, we’ve seen the university steadily[…]

Editorial: Students lack of concern worrying?

By Kayla Perry As you all know, or at least learned from the front page of Lambda, a strike between Laurentian Uni­versity and the Laurentian Univer­sity Faculty Association was nar­rowly avoided last week, when a tentative agreement was made between the two parties involved. Prior to the agreement, some questions[…]

Letter to the Editor: A letter on the Great Hall

I’ve been hearing a lot of unfounded complaints about the new Great Hall, including your scathing editorial in the Lambda. However, the people who are complaining about the new cafeteria are complaining for some of the most ridiculous reasons. First of all, the cafeteria isn’t meant to be a grab[…]

Column: What students should know about the CFS

Column by Mark Mancini It’s an exciting year at Laurentian. Thanks to the leadership demonstrated by President Andy Rollins, Executive Director Charles Wilson, VP Services Iain Park, and the entire SGA staff team, things are moving forward in the Students’ General Association. The launch of the V-Desk is a seminal[…]