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UPDATE: Chairman clarifies facts surrounding SGA emergency senator elections

UPDATE: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 By Jessica Robinson, Editor-in-Chief Following the publication of the opinion editorial regarding the recent SGA emergency senator elections, the SGA Chairman of the board, Andrew Bradley, reached out to the Lambda to clarify and correct certain factual errors. The initial claim that the senator by-elections[…]

Op-Ed: Your STEAM acronym will not save the Arts

By Dane Sauve, for the Lambda While most students hit the books on the afternoon of November 14, the Brenda Wallace Reading room was filled with an anxious crowd, listening intently to the Minister of Employment, Patricia Hajdu, and the Sudbury MP, Paul Lefebvre. Advertised as a Town Hall, the[…]

Laurentian international students share their take on faculty strike

By Alice Lunáková, international columnist When the first rumours about the possibility of a faculty strike started to go around, I did not pay much attention to it. I considered it empty talk based on my experience from my homeland, Czech Republic. It happens from time to time that teachers, bus[…]

Editor’s Note: Calling Canadians to action

By Jessica Robinson, Editor-in-Chief Welcome to winter semester 2017! Hopefully by now you’re getting settled into the pattern of your new schedule, and have a handle on your classes, etc. The past month has been an eventful one on and off campus, between the 25th anniversary of Model Parliament and[…]

Op-Ed: We need to remember what Remembrance Day really means

By: Riley Brooks Last year around this time, I remember walking through campus in awe, not because of all the changing leaves, but rather the lack of one colour – red. There is a generation that precedes us considered to be the greatest generation to ever exist. This generation of[…]

Editorial: This month at Laurentian

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief This month has been a rather controversial one at Laurentian University. To begin, many students began the semester and their new courses without knowing their marks from the previous semester. Well into the first week of classes, some were still left without grades, and, as is[…]

Opinion: Safe Spaces: They’re All the Rage

I used to proudly say that I create safe spaces in academia. In fact, the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Committee that I co-chair worked for 2 years to bring the new LGBTQ2S Safe Space Training to Laurentian. I have now provided that training to well over 100 administrators, faculty, staff,[…]