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Kruzel: Buying wine does not need to be scary

By Hugh Kruzel Are you overwhelmed by choice? Do you tremble when confronted by a wall of wine? Does your hair rise when someone screams “Riesling”? Are you pained by Primitivo? Well, fear not, gentle reader. There is pattern, organization, and logic to selecting a bottle for self, friends, family[…]

Wine selection for this Valentines Day: A guide

By Hugh Kruzel, Special for The Lambda Although sparkling wines have typically garnered a reputation for being appreciated on New Years, the wine category is beginning to gain popularity as a Valentine’s Day treat of choice. After all, flower arrangements fade, and the technically ‘good-for-you’ chocolate quickly turns to empty[…]

Travelling on a shoestring: a how-to guide

By Jesse Smith Jesse Smith is a third year Geography student here at LU. When he is not studying, he likes to pursue his passive interests in hitchhiking, learning Spanish, pretending he can cook, and most important of all: travelling far and wide. He has a special interest in pushing[…]