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SPAD Column: Sports Admin students attend QSIC

By Roberto Bagnato, Second Year SPAD Student The sport business industry is arguably one of the most difficult and competitive industries to break into. As a result, building a diverse and resourceful network of industry professionals is a core lesson taught to SPAD students upon their first moments in the[…]

Hadfield gives ‘inspiring’ speech to 1,200 attendees at LU

By Jessica Robinson, Staff Reporter The energy in the Fraser auditorium was palpable, the excitement creating a veritable buzz, on the evening of Oct. 9. While waiting for the headlining speaker to take the stage at the Glencore Memorial Lecture Series, many audience member were pouring over pre-purchased copies of[…]

Shawn Hook speaks freely: music, man crushes, and the big picture

By Jessica Robinson, Staff Reporter Half an hour before he steps in front of the crowd at Laurentian University’s Welcome Back frosh concert, Shawn Hook is sitting on a table in the Bahnuk Lounge directly overlooking the main stage, running a quick vocal warm up. The crowd is gathering, the[…]

Gallery: Pride and tradition at the pep rally

The Laurentian Voyageurs sports teams showcased their talent – and dance skills – at the annual Laurentian University pep rally last night, held in the Ben Avery gym on the evening of Sept. 8. With performances from every varsity team, as well a performance from the Laurentian Cheerleading team, the[…]

After four years in office, Park prepares to leave the SGA

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief If you spend any time at all in the student center, you’ll definitely recognize Iain Park: at almost any given time, he can be found in the Students’ General Association (SGA) office, headphones around his neck, listening to music. For those of you who aren’t familiar[…]

The President Series: Dominic Giroux

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief This Q and A is the fourth and final interview in the President Series. In each issue, I had the chance to sit down with a president from each of the federated universities, discussing what makes each of the universities unique: we’ve discussed everything from programs[…]

The President Series: Kevin McCormick

By Kayla Perry, Editor in Chief ­­­­This Q and A is the third of four interviews in the President Series. In each issue, I’ll be sitting down with a president from each of the federated universities, discussing what makes each of the universities unique: we’ll be discussing everything from programs[…]

Student launches Northern clothing line (gallery included)

By Jessica Robinson The latest development in Laurentian University school spirit is here, and it’s student-led. Established in August of 2014, Tychon Carter-Newman has created North 705, the up-and-coming clothing line of the Northern district. What exactly is North 705? “I have a definition,” says Carter-Newman, a fifth year student[…]