About Lambda

Founded in 1961, The Lambda is Laurentian University’s source of news, of, by and for the students.

The Lambda is available in print across Laurentian University campus each month, and online at, which is updated weekly throughout the school year. The Lambda has also recently launched semi-annual digital issues to complement the print issues.

The Lambda has six sections – news, features, opinion, sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

The Lambda is funded through a direct student levy by members of the Students’ General Association/Association Generale des Etudiantes, yet remains autonomous from all university organizations, both student and administrative. The Lambda is also a member of the Canadian University Press.

If you have any questions about The Lambda, or wish to contribute an opinion piece, please email, or

Statement of Principles

The Lambda is the voice of Laurentian students. As the main chronicler of campus events, Lambda will strive to provide the Laurentian community with the news and information they value and need to understand their world, govern themselves effectively and improve their lives.

To that end, Lambda will encourage open and fair dialogue, and will not avoid topics of controversy, nor shy away from stories that may place the newspaper in conflict with its publisher, the Students General Association, or the Laurentian University administration.

With freedom of the press comes a great responsibility. Lambda will value fairness, truth and impartiality over activism and agitation. Our first obligation will always be to report news and provide fair context and perspective to Laurentian students.

Lambda will provide an environment that stimulates and values students’ creativity and rewards them fairly. We will also seek to train and develop those with an interest and aptitude for professional journalism.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors’ role is to ensure that Laurentian students receive quality news information that reflect the campus’ diversity, culture and interests;  to ensure that Laurentian students have a forum for expression; to nurture and develop talent in the fields of professional journalism, communications and media. The Board is responsible for the proper stewardship of the Lambda and helps ensure its editorial independence.

The Board is traditionally chaired by the SGA President, and comprised equally of SGA members, Laurentian faculty, and a working journalist. The Board selects its own members to ensure balance and fair representation.

In April of every year, the Board of Directors chooses an Editor in Chief for a one or two-year tenure. The Lambda Board of Directors for the 2016-17 school year is:

Chair – Roch Goulet (SGA President)

Treasurer – Josh Bailey (SGA Director of Finance)

Ashley Thomson (J.N. Desmarais Library)

Ernst Gerhardt (Department of English)

Erik White (CBC)

Ann Pegoraro (Department of Human Kinetics)

Editor in Chief, ex officio – Jessica Robinson

General Manager, ex officio – Casey Stranges