CKLU Radio needs you February 27- March 6.

CKLU Radio needs you February 27- March 6.

CKLU 96.7 Laurentian Campus and Community Radio has been your voice for 35 years.

From its humble beginnings in a residence room to the campus portable and its current home in the McEwen
School of Architecture, CKLU continues to be the voice of LU students.

From politics, to science, sports and music, CKLU is the platform for information and open
debate in a way commercial radio can only hope for.

It adheres to CRTC Radio standards but is not ruled by sponsors. This multi-lingual, multi-
cultural, fresh and current station needs your help, your dollars, during Pledge Week 2019.

Support CKLU with your dollars from February 27-March 6, the biggest campaign in twelve years.
Your contribution will keep CKLU on the air.

An exciting line-up of special guest hosts is an important part of of Pledge Week. Tune in to
hear well-known musicians Jennifer Holub, Kevin Closs, Max Merrifield and JoPo as well as Christian
Pelletier, Paul Loewenberg, CBC’s Peter Williams and LU’s Alex Freedman.

Engage with Jess and Colin from Sudbury Burlesque, Maureen Luoma of Downtown Sudbury,
Mark Gentili of

CKLU has been LU’s voice for 35 years continues to speak up for students 2019 as well as
presenting be best in exciting new indie music. Rock, Hip Hop, ska, country, jazz and classical…it’s all
on CKLU.

Support is easy.

To be part of the Indiegogo Campaign with multiple great prizes (and they are awesome!), go to or facebook and click on Indiegogo.

Each Indiegogo donation qualifies for a chance at a prize but not a tax-receipt. Tax-receipts are only available through the LU home page donation.

CKLU 96.7 needs your support more than ever. Listen and pledge. Tune in to or on the
Radio Player Canada app.

Which ever method you choose, please participate in Pledge Week. Thank you for keeping student voices on the air.

The tradition continues.

Join us for the CKLU night at the Townehouse. Three Bands! Saturday, March 2.

Townhouse Night March 2