Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Student Life:Juke Aguer

Hey there!

Juke here. And I am running for Vice President Student Life, for the SGA-AGÉ! Firstly, because of recent Provincial Government changes (Ford.) I know for certain, that how I approach this year’s campaign will have to be different. The biggest way that new legislation WILL impact us, will be with optional opt-out(s). I fully agree, that anyone should be able to opt-out of services they don’t want. And I completely understand and sympathize, with those who do leave. I myself, have also struggled with our union, both as the head of a club, and as a student-athlete just trying to get by. I understand how elusive the SGA seems to most, how it has a “less than ideal track record” when concerning the HANDLING OF OUR FUNDS.

Our SGA has LOST OUR TRUST, and has no right to ask for it. It must become more transparent with how THEY, handle YOUR money. They need to let us know exactly, what we are paying for. With me elected, projects will be more transparent, and more applicable to the average student. I want to have the student body, more involved when it comes to the approval of large budget decision. I’d like the reason that you pay into this union, to be because this union REPRESENTS YOU and YOUR wants.