Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Student Life: Esther Nabatanzi

My name is Esther Nabatanzi, a fourth-year student in biomedical biology. I am a varsity athlete for Laurentian Track and Field. As a member of the Student General Association, I offer my candidacy for the position of Vice President of Student Life.

In my four years as a member of the SGA, I’ve noticed that more can be done to improve student life at Laurentian, beginning with frosh week and carrying on throughout the school year. Many students are not aware of things happening  around campus, and they miss out on numerous opportunities. If elected Vice President of Student Life, I would  seek to ensure that students are aware, excited and engaged in the different events that are going on around campus and that they enjoy their university experience. In particular, I want to emphasize:

  • getting student feedback on how the SGA can better serve the student body
  • ensuring a successful homecoming
  • publicizing and increasing attendance at athletic events
  • promoting student clubs and societies
  • offering opportunities for student interaction and networking
  • engaging international students in all campus events.

Laurentian and its Student General Association have potential to supersede expectations in areas of student life and academic service for students. I believe that as Vice President, together our team would be able to have a successful year where students are engaged and able to benefit from activities and events hosted by the SGA.