Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Policy & Advocacy: Thomas Cook

My name is Thomas Cook and I am in second year of the Law and Justice program.

As your VP of policy and advocacy, I intend to work with you, the students, to find solutions to the problems that face our student body and collectively enhance the SGA for the school community.

Before meaningful change can be made, I believe an improvement in students’ knowledge of the SGA and exactly how its policies affect them, is crucial. This would allow us to centre policy around what the combined student body deems important and refocus the SGA towards real student issues. I am committed to engaging in continual consultation with, and active advocacy of, all SGA members. By creating a bilateral and collaborative relationship with the University Administration and Government officials, I will push for policy that is evidence-based and student-driven, representing the best interests of all students.

The greatest issue facing our community surrounds the growing concern towards Ford’s changes to post-secondary education. I am devoted to putting pressure on government officials to make a decision that represents students’ best interests, and to creating an action plan to address these concerns and ensure that there are minimal impacts on access to student services.

I am the most qualified candidate for this position. I have a strong understanding of policy and advocacy. I have a strong desire to improve the SGA. I am a strong new face for the SGA, and with a new face, comes new ideas.