Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Policy & Advocacy: Katlyn Kotila

Hello Laurentian!

My name is Katlyn Kotila and I want to be your next Vice President of Policy and Advocacy. I am currently a Second-Year student double majoring in Political Science and Communication Studies.

Throughout my time at Laurentian I have had the opportunity to be involved in student governance in a number of different ways. I have sat on the SGA-AGÉ Board of Directors, Laurentian Senate and Faculty Council for the Faculty of Arts. I have attended numerous rallies such as the Women’s March and Rally Against OSAP Cuts. I also represented the SGA at the CFS-FCÉÉ National General Meeting this fall.

What sets me apart is that you will not find another candidate that is more passionate and has the same amount of experience and connections as I do. If elected VPPA I want to regularly consult with groups on and off campus to ensure no voices are left unheard, work with governing bodies both within Laurentian and in the community to make sure students are not left behind, promote student engagement and make it more accessible for all students, make sustainability a priority, and most importantly always put the students’ needs first!

I also intend to advocate for causes students care about such as the cuts to OSAP and attack on student democracy, indigenous rights, mental health, fairness for International Students, and other important causes. I can’t wait to meet everyone, and I promise if elected that this will be the year of the students! #TrustSGA