Meet the Candidates for SGA President: Jacob Fielding

Hey Laurentian, my name is Jacob Fielding, I am 20 years old, currently enrolled in Political Science, and I am running to be your next SGA president. Throughout my life, I’ve always had a passion for leadership, governance, and advocacy, and I feel serving you as president is the next chapter in the story of my leadership; to give you, the student body, a better, more genuine experience at Laurentian.

I currently serve as an SGA senator and sit on the Board of Directors. I have also worked on multiple federal, provincial, and municipal campaigns, along with assisting an array of public servants, this gives me an unmatched experience in politics and into the political world.

My family has a long history of supporting our school, and I feel as though it is my turn to “take the torch”, and bring positive and lasting change to our school and association. Given the current political climate, SGA needs someone who will stand up for us, for our rights as students, while also ensuring that students are enjoying their time at Laurentian, and receiving the many benefits that come with being part of the SGA.

My experiences as a student belonging to the LGBT community as well as having an indigenous identity have taught me that not all students are the same, and have different needs. This association must accommodate and respect the minority populations of Laurentian, as the diversity of our association is what makes us special.

The Lambda has provided each candidate with the opportunity to introduce themselves to Laurentian students in the lead-up to the SGA elections. The pieces submitted are unedited.