Meet the Candidates for SGA President: Eric Chappell

My name is Eric Chappell, and I am a student just like you. This is my third year in Business Administration, and throughout my degree, I have lived the many issues that students are facing throughout university.

I was the first student to transfer to the north and settle here in Sudbury when the Laurentian Barrie campus closed. Then, I started working with the university to make the rest of the Barrie transfer students’ lives easier. After that, I realized that I was capable of recognizing issues, and making positive change for students.

I earned my seat on the university Senate and the SGA Board of Directors in my second year. Those seats allowed me to achieve amazing things for students. I also helped advocate for the first update to the accessibility policy that the university saw in 20 years. Last year, I put my name forward for SGA president. I was unsuccessful in the race for president, but I grew and continued to be engaged in advocacy for students without having a title at the SGA.

This year, I am again a member of the university senate as the 2018-2019 SGA president’s designate. I also represent students on Laurentian’s Board of Governors. I believe that I have the right qualifications for the role of SGA president. Now, I ask that students put their trust in me to represent them in a time when they need it the most.

The Lambda has provided each candidate with the opportunity to introduce themselves to Laurentian students in the lead-up to the SGA elections. The pieces submitted are unedited, except for length.