LU soccer team cleared of hazing allegations, investigation details not yet public

by MacKenzie MacDonald

Laurentian University has cleared the varsity men’s soccer team of hazing allegations, following an investigation into an anonymous complaint sent to the university in August.   

In a statement October 22, Laurentian said “a third-party investigator has found no evidence to support the anonymous allegations of hazing on the Laurentian University men’s soccer team.”  

It goes on to read that “Laurentian received the anonymous allegations on August 17, 2018. Because of the nature of the complaint, the University immediately began an investigation conducted under Laurentian University’s Policy and Program on Respect Workplace and Learning Environment.” 

In Laurentian’s original press release, later revised, the investigator mentioned in his report that “the evidence does not support the reported complaint.” 

“There is no evidence to support a finding that the allegations identified in the submitted complaint, in fact, occurred as reported. This finding pertains to both coaches and players named in the allegations. The complainant chose to remain anonymous.” 

Details of investigation not yet public

Lambda reached out to Laurentian’s Chief of Staff, Alex Freedman, for further comment on the investigation, but Freedman “had nothing to add to the statement.” 

Although the findings found no wrongdoing, the university has not yet made details of the report public.  

First-year Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality student, Heather Mills, said that she was happy to hear that the soccer team was cleared of any wrongdoing. 

“It was really upsetting to think that something as gruesome as this [hazing allegation] could have happened on our campus” she said. “I was happy to hear that the [investigation] turned up nothing.” 

Second-year Psychology student, Connor Barron, was also happy to hear that no evidence was found against the Voyageurs.   

“I’m not a huge sports fan or anything like that” Barron said. 

“But, I was glad that hear that the soccer team wasn’t involved in any of the [acts] that the [complainant] had [outlined]. It was scary to think that something like that could have been going on, and from what I hear around campus, [the soccer team] are good guys.” 

According to the statement, “all varsity athletes receive training about the expectations and standards to which they are held.  Athletes are required to sign a behavioural contract before the season begins.”  

“Laurentian is proud of its varsity athletes and takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously.”