Second McEwen Nuit Blanche to take place this weekend in downtown Sudbury

McEwen Nuit Blanche 2018

By Alanna Scully, Contributor

On Saturday, January 27, the McEwen School of Architecture is hosting its second annual Nuit Blanche in downtown Sudbury.

Established in France in the 1980s, Nuit Blanche is a nighttime festival that brings together art and culture that has spread among communities worldwide.

Last year, the event took place for the first time in Sudbury, in conjunction with the grand opening of the school of architecture building, and was curated by architecture students.

McEwen Nuit Blanche 2017
Photos provided by McEwen School of Architecture

The three lead organizers, Ra’anaa Brown, Benoit Lachapelle, and Vennice de Guzman have come together again to curate the event for the second time, hoping to surpass last year’s success.

Welcome speeches will begin at 7:00pm and the event will continue into the night allowing visitors to enjoy the art and company until 1:00am.

Those who attend the event will be able to see art installations created by students, faculty, and a variety local artists and art groups from the community. There will be both indoor and outdoor art installations, local performances, speakers, and a firework display put on by Dream Catcher Fireworks.

McEwen Nuit Blanche 2017

Performances and art will be displayed in the crit pit, auditorium, library, Scène Francophones, CLT Classroom, and outside for visitors to enjoy at their own pace. There will be film presentations, ‘Battle of the Brushes’, music, and much more on display to take in and enjoy.

Visitors will also be able to indulge in free refreshments along with a cash bar throughout the night.

The organizers of the event would like to emphasize that this is a night to be enjoyed not only by the students at the school of architecture, but for the whole community, all ages, all professions and all abilities.

McEwen Nuit Blanche 2017

“We designed Nuit Blanche as an inclusive event to bring together people passionate about not only the arts in the downtown but the betterment of Sudbury,” said Ra’anaa Brown,President of the Laurentian Architecture Students Association.

McEwen Nuit Blanche is celebrating of the up and coming arts community in downtown Sudbury, that has grown with Up Here, Place des Arts, the school of architecture, and hopefully many more artistic movements in the future.

Nuit Blanche will take place at the McEwen School of Architecture which is located downtown at 85 Elm Street. For more information, see the Facebook event here.

McEwen Nuit Blanche event poster