Wi-Fi or WHY-Fi: I.T. doesn’t comment on weak campus connection, instead promises that there are ‘changes coming’

By Shanleigh Brosseau, Contributor

Whether you are trying to submit a paper via D2L or finish the last Netflix episode of the season, Laurentian students and staff member at Laurentian University are likely to be disappointed by the campus’ connection speeds this semester.

And with some Laurentian students concerned that the campus’ network speeds are affecting their learning environment, the Lambda turned to IT to find out why(fi).

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In an email to Lambda, Laurentian’s IT department asked Lambda to wait because they “have changes coming to the campus wi-fi that would greatly benefit from exposure that Lambda can provide.”

But some in the LU community, like first-year student Alyson Boyd, are so far not impressed.

“The Wi-Fi problems are definitely affecting my education,” Boyd said, “[it] hardly ever works, especially when I need to get something done. The Internet is often way too slow and it makes it difficult to do school work on campus.”

“A few times in some of my classes, professors have had to stop a lecture to call IT to try and fix the Internet connection,” said Maggie Goggins, another first-year student. “The connection issues have disturbed lectures which has affected my education by wasting valuable class time.”

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Lambda emailed IT technicians a series of questions to better understand the Wi-Fi capacities and how it functions across campus, and ascertain the cause of the connectivity issues.

IT did not respond to the questions posed, but said that they are making changes to improve the condition of the Internet on campus.

Martin Laferriere, the lead of the infrastructure portfolio for Laurentian’s technology department, said the department would be happy to answer the questions for a later issue, when the changes have been implemented.

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