Suspended Voyageurs release joint statement

This morning, the Lambda was contacted by the counsel to the five suspended basketball players. While they cannot speak directly to the media at this time, they have prepared a joint statement (below).

Joint Statement of the Five Student-Athletes Suspended from the Laurentian University Basketball Team

We are deeply saddened by our suspension from the Laurentian University basketball team.  We are proud Voyageurs and are respectful members of the Sudbury community. We promote Laurentian University, support other teams, volunteer in the community, and excel academically (in fact, some of us are academic all-Canadians).

Due to an on-going discipline process, we have been advised not to speak directly with the media.  However, we appreciate your interest and support and will address the media at the end of this difficult process.

On September 24, 2016, we attended a team party at a friend’s parents’ home. The party was an opportunity to engage off the court with those of our teammates who chose to attend. There was no coercion, no one was injured, and no one (including our teammates) raised a complaint with the University.

Nonetheless, we find ourselves subject to a lengthy, confusing discipline process.  We have been suspended and, to date, have missed five weeks of practice and seven games. We have not yet received the written allegations against us. We look forward to the opportunity to respond to any allegations before the Committee of Inquiry and to put this matter behind us.

We also wish to thank our families and friends who have been very supportive during this difficult time.  We are proud of this basketball program and hope to see everyone at the home opener on Friday November 11.