Chartwells marks new chapter in LU food services history

By Wali Kahn, Contributor

As the sun set on the 2015-2016 school year, so did it on Laurentian University’s primary food service provider, Aramark. Aramark’s tenure was marked with consistently poor reviews on food quality. Consequently, an online petition was set up by one of the students which demanded an end to the mandatory meal plans or to replace Aramark as the Laurentian University’s primary food service provider. In the end, after countless investigations by Aramark, the University chose a new path and brought Aramark’s sixteen-year reign at the helm of Laurentian University’s main food service provider to an end.

Chartwells, although in its infancy at Laurentian, is rapidly becoming very popular amongst its citizens. Students have reported a massive difference in food quality as the ingredients employed are mostly freshly cut and incorporated into the foods at the dining facility. More specifically, the pizza has seen light-year-like improvement according to third-year Con Ed student Calvin Ung, who described it as being “more cheesy and not as bland as last year.” Furthermore, Chartwells has increased the number of international options being served, including Naan Bread and Shawarma. Chartwells also invested in the creation of a café and Tim Hortons in the Alphonse Raymond Paviliion, which brought much needed relief to the occupants of buildings south of East Residence like Northern Ontario School of Medicine, School of Education and the Ben Avery Gym. Similarly, Chartwells established a “Tim Hortons Express” in Single Student Residence that gives students the luxury of instant coffee on their way to early morning classes without any long line-ups like those in the Arts Building.

Beginning next fall, Chartwells has also committed to construct a self-serve pantry, create an interactive space where cooking lessons will be offered, and design an app that allows students to pre-order deals and simply pick them up once arriving at Alumni Hall, thus projected to reduce the long wait at the Hall during rush hours.

Photo by Jessica Robinson