Advice for first-years from the Rendezvous artists and bands

By Jessica Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

Check out this sneak peek of our interviews with the music acts from Rendezvous! For the full interviews, including those with headliners Tyler Shaw and Coleman Hell, keep an eye out for the year’s first print issue of the Lambda toward the end of September.

When asked to give advice to the incoming frosh at LU, this is what our openers and headliners had to say:

Patrick Wright et les Gauchistes:

“Don’t get too drunk on the first day.”

“Use the gym pass; it’s free! Use the bus pass; it’s free!”

Almighty Rhombus:

Wrap it up. Make it damp: not wet, damp. And keep it tight.”

Hello Holiday:

Don’t be scared of the Townehouse. Go to shows! Sudbury is a music and art hub, so enjoy it. Don’t just lock down on campus. Go see what the city has to offer.”

“Otherwise, study hard, and don’t care about what anybody has to say: it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

Raving Taco:

Focus on your stuff. You want to party and have fun? Do that too! But you’ve gotta focus on passing and having fun at the same time.”

Tyler Shaw:

“Watch the freshman 15. Be aware of your health. And have fun, but don’t forget to work hard.”

Coleman Hell:

“Cheat on your tests; party really hard while you’re here; make a lot of terrible decisions.”

Photo courtesy of the SGA.