Nordic ski team to compete in their first race of the season

By Austin Lemieux, for The Lambda

On the verge of one of the mildest winters that have been predicted in years past, the Voyageurs Nordic team headed East to North Bay in Dec., where the team participated in the annual College Drive Hill Climb at Nipissing University.

The Voyageurs had a strong showing, as the team climbed to the summit of the 1 k.m. hill four times.

The team then travelled three hours North, to Temiskaming, in search of groomed trails – a welcomed training ground prior to the snowfall in Sudbury.

Some well-anticipated skiing was accomplished, as the team tried to get as much skiing in as possible before their season began in the new year.

The Voyageurs are hopeful that Sudbury’s snow will remain, as the team is back in action on Jan. 12, when they’ll head to the Walden ski trails for the first ski race of the year.

-Photo supplied