Nordic ski team hosts annual Trick or Trek, continues fall training

By Thomas Gore, for the Lambda

The Laurentian Voyageurs Nordic ski team is finding themselves busy once again, just two months into the school year.

While the athletes have continued their fall training throughout the month of Oct., they also hosted the Trick or Trek fundraising event during the closing days of the month, on Oct. 30.

The annual event featured a haunted walk through the Laurentian ski trails, where athletes, coaches, and club volunteers dressed in their scariest costumes, and waited until the cover of darkness to open the path up to anyone brave enough to test their courage.

Halloween day was also for a busy one for athletes this year, with a time trial being run concurrently with rivals from Nipissing University in North Bay. The 10 k.m. skate roller ski time trial was hosted at Delki Dozzi Park, with over a dozen athletes heading out on the track to give it their all.

The off-season is rapidly coming to a close, and with the cold air beginning to touch down in Sudbury, it won’t be long before the athletes are putting aside their running shoes and pulling out their skis for another winter session.

-Photo by Taavi Tindall.