Experiencing Sudbury on a budget

By Emmalie Tomini, for the Lambda

Does your main source of income come from digging change out from between couch cushions? Do you eat almost exclusively from the McDonalds dollar menu?

As a starving student it can be hard to find the time, let alone the funds, to have an exciting (pricey) and active (time consuming) social life.

If you’re short on change, new to the city or are just looking for something new to do with the #squad, here are a few free or almost free ways to get the most out of Sudbury.

To begin, look no further than right here on campus.

Check out a basketball game in the Ben Avery gym later this fall (Laurentian students receive free admission), or grab a coffee with friends at the Laurentian Voyageur Cafe.

Next up is the Laurentian conservation area, which is less than three kilometres from campus and offers a great way to get some fresh air in your lungs, school off the brain and experience what Northern Ontario has to offer. It’s always a good idea to stretch your legs every now and again, especially if you’ve been staring at your laptop for ten hours straight.

You can even head out now to see the fall colours, or in a few months you can bust out your cross-country skis and snowshoes for a winter hike.

If you’re interested in getting a little more competitive, check out the Lion’s Club disc golf course.

The full eighteen-hole maintained disc golf course is located at 1 Selkirk Drive, and offers a great way to spend an afternoon with some friends.

If you’re in the mood for arts and culture, head over to the Townehouse Tavern, located in downtown Sudbury near the arena, for Gospel Brunch every Sunday afternoon from 2-5 p.m.

Admission is free, and you can listen to some of the city’s finest local musicians hammer out some classic gospel and bluegrass tunes.

Of course, if you’re more into the visual arts, check out The Art Gallery of Sudbury where admission is only five dollars for students.

Sudbury is full of free (or almost free) fun.  And if you really need to unwind, Zig’s bar offers Toonie Tuesdays where mixed drinks are only two dollars!

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