Fashion focus: Getting out of a style-funk

Daniel Melchior

By Daniel Melchior, Staff Columnist

Over the weeks since my last column, I have yet to see anyone who has stood out style wise; it’s the same old, same old. Therefore, this week I am going to talk about getting into a style funk, and how to get out of it.

Yes, I understand, and am well aware, that it is the end of the academic year and exams are quickly approaching.

However, this does not mean you can give up on your style! The more confidently you wear your clothes, the more confident you will feel.

Remember at the beginning of this year, when I said, “Dress for success”? Display your confidence through your clothes: when you do, everyone sees it, and more importantly, you see it. Sweats and t-shirts are not going to help you succeed (yes, I know they are comfy), they will only display your “it’s-all-over attitude”.

In other news, we can see the pavement! This grass is showing. That means it is springtime!

That’s right: this means that colours are coming back, light jackets are being worn, and rubber boots are here!

No longer do you have to hide behind those dingy colours of fall/winter: it is time you show your true colours. Wear those rubber boots and jump in the puddles around campus.

This is your time to shine – this is the second best season for fashion, of course second to fall. Enjoy!

Daniel Melchior
Daniel Melchior