Editorial: The future of Lambda

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief

It’s difficult to believe that my first year as an editor at Lambda is coming to an end already: I can see my entire school year spread across the pages of 12 newspaper issues, and it seems surreal.

This year, and the success Lambda has experienced, would not have been possible without the team of editors, managers, writers, photographers and Board members who have helped the paper grow. During the 2014-15 school year, we’ve entered into collaborations with the Laurentian International Exchange Program, Laurentian’s student radio CKLU, and recently, the SPAD blog.

To everyone we’ve pestered for interviews, begged for photo ops, and stepped in front of during sporting events, it’s obvious that the paper would not be what it is today without the continued support of the student body and the Laurentian University faculty.

Next year will be a year of changes for Lambda. We’ll be losing some esteemed writers and photographers due to graduation, and they will be missed dearly. We’ll also be in a year of transition, given our impending move towards online and broadcast journalism.

As some of you may know, Lambda TV officially launched late this fall, and although it was near impossible to maintain both the video news reports, as well as the print newspaper and our online content, next year the staff and I will be working to ensure both mediums are consistently accessed. We’ll be publishing weekly sports, news and entertainment broadcast news reports, some of which will broadcast on Eastlink’s coverage of our school’s sporting events, and are excited to see this long-awaited transition come to fruition. Of course, we’ll still be publishing print editions of the paper, although we’ll be moving to monthly publication, rather than bi-weekly publications as have been tradition in the past.

The issue which published this afternoon (March 24) was our last for the 2014-15 school year, and we will not be publishing a summer print issue. To any students who have input on what they’d like to see more (or less) of in the paper, or have been itching to get involved, whether you’re interested in photography, graphic design, videography, administrative duties or journalism itself, I urge you to contact me before the next school year begins.

In the meantime, have safe, enjoyable summers, and we’ll see you in September.