Editoral: I support Johnny Humphrey

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief

After acting as President of the Students’ General Association for nearly one year, Johnny Humphrey has proven time and time again that he has the responsibility and ability to successfully lead the SGA.

In the last year alone, under Humphrey’s leadership the SGA has re-introduced day pub, continued to move forward with plans for a new SGA student centre, and negotiated a student health plan with Ceridian which includes not only thorough student health insurance, but also a twenty-four-seven student help line, legal advice and in-person counselling services.

Humphrey has also demonstrated that he has a clear vision for the future of the SGA, after beginning the initiation of the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, which leaves a clear description of the SGA’s goals and mandates for future executives, including much more detailed descriptions than those which currently reside in the SGA Constitution.

Humphrey’s platform is one that is realistically attainable: continued progress and enhanced services, both of which Humphrey has successfully worked towards this past school year. While he does not promise anything ‘epic’ or ‘phenomenal,’ his promise is a realistic one, which values student services and is committed to moving the association forward.

With neither Jenna Thornber or Iain Park re-running in the 2015-16 election, it is crucial that someone in the SGA Executive has some sort of leadership experience – and, although we all know and love Chloe Mirfield, Director of Services for the SGA, the president’s job is one that requires an in-depth knowledge of the SGA, garnered through years of experience both working with and being a member of the executive, rather just merely attending SGA council or board meetings.

With possible economic struggles ahead given the ever-dropping value of the dollar, and campus modernization just a stone’s throw away, the SGA needs a president with experience, who can be trusted to follow the rules and lead the association in the best possible direction.

That president is without a doubt Johnny Humphrey.

Editors note: Some readers may notice that Johnny Humphrey happens to be on the Lambda Board of Directors: I feel it is important to clarify that although the Lambda is technically funded by a student levy, which comes from every Students’ General Association member fees, Lambda is autonomous in its editorial and production decisions. The Board or members of the SGA Executive have do not have, and have not expressed their wish to have, any control over Lambda’s editorial content.Johnny Humphrey did not have any knowledge of, or influence on, this editorial prior to its publication. The views expressed in this editorial are solely that of the Editor-in-Chief, and do not necessarily match the opinions of all Lambda staff members or contributors.