Outdoor Centre rents ice hut to students, promotes Northern culture

The ice hut available for rent. Photo by Zara Golafshani.

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief

The LUL Outdoor Centre is committed to introducing Laurentian University students to the Northern culture: currently, the centre is attempting to do so by renting out an ice hut for students’ use.

“(The centre) wants students to rent the hut so they may be able to experience ice fishing. It’s a great way to get outdoors and experience nature,” said second year ADVL student, Prince Borutski.

Borutski is also an intern at the Outdoor Living Centre, and currently works as an operator for the ice hut.

“The goal of my internship is to introduce students into Northern nature, and for students to avoid the ‘winter blues.’ The ice hut is less artificial; it’s really part of the natural climate.”

The ice hut, which was purchased by Laurentian University when the architecture students auctioned off their ice huts at Science North this past January, was then given to the Outdoor Living Centre.

The hut will remain on the ice until it is no longer safe, and all ice-fishing equipment necessary, including rods, chairs, a heater and propane, come included with the cost of the hut.

“It’ll be very comfortable,” said Borutski.

Students, in groups no larger than four, can rent the hut for $20 a day, seven days a week.

The centre recommends that at least one person in each group have a fishing license; although it is not mandatory to rent the hut, the City of Greater Sudbury requires a license to fish within the city limits.

For liability reasons, a waiver must be signed upon rental, and drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted within the hut.

The centre also rents snowshoes, backpacks, tents and canoes to students, and also offers custom guided trips, half-day excursions, and canoeing, river running, and wilderness first aid courses.

For more information, or to rent the hut, contact the Outdoor Centre at 705-675-1151, at extension 1023.

The ice hut available for rent. Photo by Zara Golafshani.
The ice hut available for rent. Photo by Zara Golafshani.
Photo by Zara Golafshani.
Photo by Zara Golafshani.