Editorial: Laurentian now top-ten

By Kayla Perry, Editor in Chief

As was evidenced by Maclean’s annual release of its Canadian University rankings last week, Laurentian has risen to be a top-10 Canadian university in the primarily undergraduate category.

Since Dominic Giroux’s inauguration as President and Vice-Chancellor of the university, we’ve seen the university steadily rise in the rankings, appearing as fourteenth in 2014, and now tenth in its category in 2015, an eight point improvement, and according to Laurentian’s website, the biggest jump recorded among all Canadian universities.

Let’s reflect on what changes Giroux has made since he was appointed as President in April of 2009.

Shortly after Giroux took over,  Laurentian University hosted the Science for a Changing North restoration workshop (2009,) released the 2012-17 strategic plan, brought the School of Architecture to downtown Sudbury (2013) and  introduced Bruce Jago as the first Director of the Goodman School of Mines. Giroux has also been instrumental in raising LUís national profile by attracting prominent donors like Goodman and Stan Bharti, and gathering Canada research chairs in Applied Evolutionary Ecology, Stressed Acquatic Systems and Polymer Nanomaterials.

According to Maclean’s, LU also ranks third in Library Acquisitions, fourth in Scholarships and Bursaries, fifth in Medical/Science Grants, and seventh in both Total Research Dollars and Awards per Full-time Faculty.

I think it’s time to give credit where credit is due. Although as students we’re often quick to criticize the university and its president, sometimes it’s good to step back and review what we know for certain: that since 2009, Laurentian has seen major changes, most of which have laid the groundwork for the future success of our university.

And as we’ve seen in these rising rankings, it is obvious that Dominic Giroux is improving this university for the better.