Comedian Gerry Dee to perform in Sudbury

By Kayla Perry, Editor-in-Chief

Stand up comedian and TV personality Gerry Dee will be stopping in Sudbury this Nov. 15 to perform in the Fraser Auditorium.

“I realized I’ve never been to Sudbury, so I wanted to make sure we added that to the (tour’s) route,” said the comedian.

Dee describes his stand-up performance as a family show, but not necessarily one that is appropriate for children.

“(The show is) for teenagers and older,” said Dee. “I describe what happens in my family and in my teaching, kind of what happens in my world. It’s not crazy inappropriate.”

Dee is also the creator and star of the CBC comedy Mr. D, which is about to air for its fourth season on CBC. The show, which can also be found on Netflix, features Dee as Gerry Duncan, an under-qualified high school social studies teacher, Jonathan Torrens as Robert Cheeley, the bizarre vice-principal, and Lauren Hammersley as Lisa Mason, a traditional teacher and co-worker of Duncan.

Dee said his character “isn’t great at what he does” but mentioned that the show is “funny,” encouraging others to watch as well.

Dee said he’s “excited” to visit Sudbury, and has been told there aren’t very many tickets left available.

Ticket information can be found through the Sudbury Theatre Centre at

Gerry Dee poses as Mr. D. Photo supplied
Gerry Dee poses as Mr. D. Photo supplied