Letter to the Editor: Frustration with Aramark

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I am writing this (letter) to explain my frustration with Aramark and the services it provides to students at Laurentian University.

I have consecutive classes on certain days of the week so I cannot go to the Tim Horton’s and Subway locations on campus because of the ridiculously long lines, meaning the only place I can realistically go to and grab something to eat is the Toppers pizza on campus.

Today, however, when I went to Toppers there was no pizza on display and I was told that it was going to be a 10 minute wait for the new ones to come out the oven – that was 10 minutes I could not afford and I had to leave.

I’m frustrated with the poor quality of services provided by Aramark and its complete failure to recognize and solve these issues. Students should not have to wait in ridiculous lines to get something to eat or drink.

At Tim Horton’s after placing an order the wait is sometimes five minutes long after already waiting 20 minutes in line. Why should we have to spend insane amounts of time waiting in line?

There are busier Subway and Tim Hourton locations outside of Laurentian University and their wait times are nowhere close to as long as ours.

Aramark needs to seriously streamline its services and start taking student needs into consideration because this has been going on for too long.


Shyam Shukla