A taste of Canadian Christmas: International students dinner

By Alenna Predon, for The Lambda

Though many people have yet to begin thinking about the Christmas season, Laurentian Christian Fellowship (LCF) and community members across Sudbury have been hard at work planning the 29th annual International Students Christmas Dinner.

The event is organized with the intention of celebrating a multitude of cultures, while providing an opportunity to experience Canadian culture, in the form of a Christmas feast, to students from abroad.

Many international students spend the winter months in Canada, distant from their families and seasonal traditions.  The dinner presents an occasion for students to enjoy engaging in a friendly community of peers while being immersed in Canadian culture.

Chuang Ban, an international student from Shanghai, China and a recent Laurentian University Computer Science graduate, attended last year’s dinner.  He described the atmosphere of the event as harmonious and welcoming.

“[It] feels like I’m in a huge family,” he said.  Chuang added that he would recommend the event to any of his friends.

Students and volunteers alike are once again looking forward to a performance from a dance crew comprised of Laurentian students, an interactive drumming session, a sharing of the Christmas story, and a few other festive surprises.

At the Christmas dinner, international students receive an invitation to visit the home of a host family during the holidays.

Through the International Student and Friendship Partner Program, students can experience Canadian hospitality by sharing a meal with a local family.  Students also learn more about the annual Winter Fun Day (pictured above).

In the new year, international students will be treated to a day of outdoor activities such as skating and snowshoeing.

LCF and community volunteers are excited to entertain both new and returning students at the dinner on Nov. 15at6 p.m.  The event will take place at Glad Tidings Church, 1101 Regent Street South, and is free of charge. A shuttle bus will be available at the Parker Roundabout at 5:30 p.m., in addition to shuttles leaving from Cambrian College and Collège Boréal.

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International students and volunteers enjoy a frosty Winter Fun Day last year at the Den-Lou Playground. Photo supplied.
International students and volunteers enjoy a frosty Winter Fun Day last year at the Den-Lou Playground. Photo supplied.