LU alumni Danny Shamess prepares to release second album

By Kayla Perry

Danny Shamess, a Laurentian University alumni and Sudbury singer-songwriter, is getting ready to release his second album late this fall.

Although the album does not yet have a title or release date, Shamess is expecting an official release in November.

“It’s one of those things where you start recording, and you keep tweaking and thinking something can be better. I want to say it’ll be released in November but you never know,” said Shamess.

The Elliot Lake native graduated LU with a BA in History this past April, leaving Laurentian after four years as a student.

“I (played music) all throughout university,” said Shamess. “It’s weird not being in school this September.”

However, Shamess’s love of music had developed long before stepping foot in Laurentian.

The multi-instrumentalist first tried piano lessons when he was young, although after six months he knew lessons “weren’t his thing.” After dropping the lessons Shamess said he self-taught himself, and was influenced by his grandparents who were also “very musical.”

The twenty-two year old is now working as a full-time musician. He is able to play both acoustic and electric guitar, piano, drums, bass and the organ, with musical inspirations spanning from John Mayer to Dave Matthews.

“Most often if you catch me playing around town I’m singing and playing electric guitar.”

Shamess often plays around town in the Danny Shamess Trio, alongside bandmates Emmett Turkington and Keegan McDonald.

With the exception of country, Shamess said he tries to “tries to hit everybody” with his music, and would call himself “John Mayer meets classic rock.”

His first album, titled Slip Away, was released two years ago and featured all-original songs.

Shamess can be found every Wednesday at Pat & Mario’s. Contact information and show times can be found online at


Danny Shamess performs at a Sudbury show. Photo supplied.
Danny Shamess performs at a Sudbury show. Photo supplied.