Speakeasy, Peddler’s Pub capture title for Sudbury’s coldest beer

By Kallie Berens

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, staff from the Lambda answered the age-old question of which establishment provides the coldest beer for its patrons, with Speakeasy on Durham Street securing the title for the frostiest bottle at -3 degrees Celsius and Peddler’s Pub on Cedar Street for iciest pint at -4 degrees Celsius.

Two test subjects, one in sciences and one in arts, and one designated driver trekked in the balmy -27 degree weather to seven of the 20 licensed establishments in the downtown core. At each bar or pub visited the test subjects ordered one pint and one bottle of Coors Light, and if not available, a beer with a similar alcohol content.

A mercury thermometer, capable of measuring temperatures to -40 degrees, was submerged in each beer for a length of 60 seconds. After that time the numbers were carefully recorded by the designated driver.

The experiment, which took approximately four hours to complete, found that there was a nine degree difference between the warmest beer and the coldest beer.

No establishment had any knowledge of the test until after the beer was served and measured.

The seven bars were chosen based on if they had night hours on a Wednesday evening and if their main focus was to provide a casual atmosphere similar to a pub.

Honourable Mentions:

Best music: Fromagerie Elgin and Peddler’s Pub

Most welcoming atmosphere: Speakeasy

Cheapest: The Townehouse Tavern

Best service: The Laughing Buddha