Danduran elected as SGA Senator

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By Kayla Perry

Joshua Danduran, third-year French Communications Studies student, was elected SGA senator in a board by-election.

The by-election, which took place during the Oct. 10 SGA board meeting, determined that Danduran would join Carolyn Lablanc and Casey Lalonde in the senate.

Danduran said he ran for the position as senator in an effort to “have a bigger voice inside the SGA, and also represents students better. I can go to the clubs, hear what the students have to say and voice that out for them in front of the SGA board.”

Given that Danduran is new to the position, he said that he wants to “take it easy at first and learn things, and then later on see what I can do.”

Danduran also works as a residence assistant in West Residence on the Laurentian campus, and will graduate at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

He and five other senator candidates delivered speeches and answered questions at the board meeting, after which a vote was taken.

“It feels pretty cool to be elected – I was pretty stressed throughout the whole process, so the thought that I got elected is a great feeling.”

The board reached the quorum necessary for a by-election at 14 out of 17 board member attendees.