Mac Miller hits the stage in Sudbury

Mac Miller

By Willie Poll

On Friday, Sept. 13, the SGA presented their welcome back concert at the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre.

Hundreds of people crowded the stage in a sold out show to see Mac Miller, a 21-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh.

“The concert was awesome,” Taylor Corboy, an audience member, said. “The only thing I would improve would be the wait time to see Mac play and maybe the long line ups for beer. Overall, the concert was awesome regardless of the cold weather and wait lines. I’d go see him again any day.”

The concert’s opening act was TF House, a Canadian rapper from Toronto who had previously toured with Mac Miller.

“The opener was awesome,” Corboy said. “He has a lot of talent and it’s really awesome to see more Canadian performers.”

The floor seats near the stage were filled up and security had their hands full with pushing, fighting, marijuana use, and even moshing.

Alex Umbach, an audience member, said she enjoyed Mac Miller engaging the crowd throughout the show.

“He was making jokes and getting people pumped up,” Umbach said. “I’m a huge Mac Miller fan and I thought the show was awesome. The SGA did an amazing job at putting it on.”

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