Rollins: V-Desk will be ‘one-stop SGA service desk’


By Kayla Perry

During the summer months, the SGA began the construction of the V-Desk, which SGA President Andy Rollins believes will be a “one-stop SGA service desk” for students.

The desk, which has replaced the vending machines in the Student Centre, will handle all the matters that were usually dealt with in the front of the SGA office, such as grad photos, health plan claims, and mailing.

The desk will also serve as a place for students to purchase and sell school and city event tickets, support clubs, and schedule meetings.

The V-Desk was originally created in order to “free up the office for more advocacy for students,” said Rollins, who is serving as SGA President for the second consecutive year in a row.

Chloe Mirfield, recently appointed Director of Membership Services for the SGA, is in charge of working with a team to set up the V-Desk for the fall term.

Mirfield began working on the desk in July, planning the design and working to enhance the functionality of the desk.

She will also be responsible for hiring a team of students to work at the desk.

“I think students are increasingly looking for accessibility when it comes to seeking answers to their questions,” said Mirfield. “The V-Desk will not only be a store-front like service desk that will give them someone to talk to throughout the day, it also has plans to develop a strong online element that will provide service 24/7. The V-Desk will help the SGA by alleviating some of burden of sales and services from the front desk leaving the office better able to facilitate the overall operations and service provisions offer by the SGA.”

While Mirfield said that she would ideally like to see the desk open year-round, the official hours of the desk are still being discussed, and will depend on student demand and staff availability.

Rollins also said he would ideally like to see the desk open past SGA office hours, and hopes that many student jobs can be created by the desk.

“We have been very busy,” said Rollins. “For myself the V-Desk has taken up most of my time.”

With construction continuing as planned, the V-Desk will officially open on Sept 1.