LU student wins $10,000 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Ron Guillet

On May 21, a Laurentian student had the opportunity of a lifetime as she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Meet April English, a 19-year-old health promotion student from Lindsay, Ont. who just finished her first year at Laurentian University. English was a finalist on the show’s “Ellen, Here’s My Talent” competition.

“I was on a skipping team in elementary school and we learned many tricks,” English said. “One day a guy from another school ‘butt skipped’ and I wanted to learn it, so I watched him and taught myself.”

And so began English’s journey in “butt skipping,” which would eventually lead her to Ellen DeGeneres. Upon viewing English’s contestant video, Ellen gave her a call and booked her a flight to California the next day.

English’s talent was considered unique enough for Ellen to anoint her the winner of the competition and its $10,000 prize.

English said the exposure has garnered her lots of attention from people wanting to see the unique talent.

“Not many people knew that I could do it,” English said. “But now that they know I can, almost everyone I talk to asks me to show them, or at least a video of me doing it if I don’t have my rope with me.”

English said it was an unforgettable moment to be on television and meet someone as famous as Ellen.

“Being on Ellen was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it,” English said. “It was the best day of my life. Everyone is so happy and caring at the show, including all of the employees and Ellen herself. I envy everyone that gets to work for Ellen.”

English said she had to sit in the dressing room for an extended period of time before getting her hair and make-up done. From there, she got to see the backstage workings and then off she went to the Ellen set.

English visited Burbank, California for three days and toured around the area during her stay. While she didn’t have the opportunity to meet any other Hollywood stars, returning home with $10,000 and meeting Ellen was memorable enough.

As for her earnings, English plans on spending it wisely.

“I will be spending my money firstly on tuition,” English said. “I will also be saving a small portion of the money to hopefully go on LU’s ‘Health Promotion without Borders’ trip next summer. I need to apply and be picked to go first, so my fingers are crossed.”