Laurentian sees confirmation rate rise by 21 per cent


By Lambda staff

Student confirmations at Laurentian University grew by 21 per cent for the upcoming fall semester, standing above the provincial average of 2.5 per cent.

The Ontario University Applications Centre (OUAC) released figures showing an increase of 26.6 per cent in college student transfers confirming Laurentian, as well as an increase of 48.8 per cent for transfer students who will be granted advanced standing, which is based on their previous education and work experience.

Across the province, college transfer students are down 0.1 per cent, in contrast to Laurentian’s climb.

“The numbers we’re seeing represent a tremendous vote of confidence in the quality and choice of academic programs being offered at Laurentian University,” Robert Kerr, Laurentian University acting president and vice-chancellor, said. “We believe our commitment to academic excellence and to student success is sending a strong message to students and their families across Ontario.”

Overall, confirmations for fall 2013 by secondary school students at all universities in Ontario are up 3.2 percent over last year. In contrast, Laurentian University confirmations by secondary school students increased 15.4 percent over last year.

“Laurentian is becoming a leading ‘university of choice’ and the fall 2013 confirmation figures are a testament to this success,” Chris Mercer, Laurentian University chief of staff, said. “The success of our students and alumni, and the expertise and accomplishments of our faculty are part of the attraction of Laurentian. In addition, we will be welcoming our first cohort of Architecture students this fall, and having men’s and women’s hockey teams has certainly expanded our student base as well.”

The University is also celebrating a marked rise in the numbers of students who’ve made Laurentian their first choice in the fall 2013 confirmations. Among secondary students, 7.6 percent more have deemed Laurentian their first choice. Students applying for a place at university through the OUAC typically apply to at least three institutions, ranking their choices from one to three.

Laurentian has increased as a first choice for secondary students by 7.6 per cent, while there is a 39.2 percent increase in college transfer students with advanced standing who are making Laurentian their first choice.