Mancini elected VP of Issues

Photo provided.

By Matt Rabey

The SGA executive will have two of the same faces representing students next year and one new one, Mark Mancini.

Mancini competed for the position of Vice-President of Student Issues with incumbent senator Chris MacCullough.

“I am very excited about the election results and the team that the voters chose,” stated Mancini. “We are all in agreement and on the same page about the direction the SGA has taken in the last year, and the need for progress to continue.”

Mancini was a senator for two terms and the President of the Political Science Club at Laurentian University.

He is optimistic for his upcoming term in office and has an ambitious agenda that he plans to carry out.

“I am looking forward to carrying out an agenda that focuses squarely on direct, frontline issues that affect students everyday: transit, dealing with cuts to programming, and strengthening advocacy clubs,” said Mancini.

In order to do this, he will be working with the returning executive of Andy Rollins and Iain Park, who were re-elected in their respective positions.

“I know Andy and Iain will be great partners to have as we continue to work on behalf of the students,” said Mancini.