Park wins VP of Services re-election

Iain VP Services

By Matt Rabey

Iain Park has been re-elected as the Vice-President of Services for a third term.

Park was competing with David Kvelashvili for the position.

Throughout Thursday night’s count Park remained ahead in the vote with the final count being 507 for Park to Kvelashvili’s 283.

“I would like to thank everyone who voted in the election,” said Park. “I would like to thank my family, friends and co-workers for being so supportive over the past two years. I love my job and I’m honoured to continue serving my constituents.”

Park drew on his experience for his campaign with slogan’s like, “Vote for Dean Brody,” alluding to the 2012 Frosh concert.

The concert raised $30,000 for the SGA, which allowed for the largest club budget in Laurentian University’s history.

Park is looking forward to the upcoming school year and is excited to be working for the students.

“The union is experiencing an exceptional amount of growth,” said Park. “I look forward to growing with the union, and assuring that the SGA has a structure to accommodate this growth. I look forward to working with Andy (Rollins), Mark (Mancini), Charles (Wilson) and our membership to accomplish this.”