Therapy clinic now available for students

By Ron Guillet

Laurentian University students now have access to a therapy clinic, as included in the student levy, at ATRC Chronic Pain and Sports Clinic.

Laurentian previously had a clinic on campus, the Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic, but it was shut down last summer when the university decided to allocate more money towards academic programming.

SGA president Charlie Andrews said it was imperative for the university to offer the service.

“It is crucial for students to have access to athletic therapy, especially our talented varsity athletes and students in athletic programs,” Andrews said.

“Most importantly, students paid for this service at the beginning of the year. Not to mention, other universities with strong athletic programs have Athletic Therapy, thus, it is unacceptable for Laurentian University to not have the same service for the students.”

Andrews said students can expect to pay $5.00 in their tuition for four free visits with a professional athletic therapist before they have to pay. He also said another reason why they signed a contract with the company is because “they increased the coverage to students from $240 to $320, which gives students more visits.”

Andrews said the contract is short-term, as it ends on Aug.31, and will be evaluated by the SGA/AGE executive next year.

“This is a short-term contract to ensure our athletic students can take advantage of the service,” Andrews said in a report to the SGA board. “The executive of next year can determine whether they should renew the contractor or not. The therapist will be keeping stats on students using the service.”

ATRC Chronic Pain and Sports Clinic, located at 2140 Regent St. Unit 12, is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and can be reached by telephone at 705-674-2222.