SGA candidates in their own words


(Note: All information submitted via email by candidates. It is unedited.)

-Andy Rollins

In my four years as a Laurentian student, I have always been extremely passionate about making students’ quality of living better! As a Residence Assistant in my third year, I helped the residents of the complex deal with a variety of issues while living on their own. I am currently working as the Residence Program Coordinator where I am responsible for organizing community events for all 1400 students living on campus. One of the events I was responsible for overseeing was the ninth annual “Airbandz 4 Cancer”, where the Laurentian community broke the fundraising goal and raised 21,000 dollars for cancer research. As a current SGA board member, I have firsthand experience with how the association works. Through all of this, I realize that the Laurentian population is capable of remarkable things; I WILL work hard advocating, uniting, and supporting the students to show the potential our amazing school has.

-Steve Sutherland

My name is Steve Sutherland, and I am running for the position of President in the upcoming SGA/AGE Election. I am a 4th year Political Science student, however, this is my first year in Sudbury, as I was at the Barrie campus for the two years previous. I like to participate in a lot of different events, both on the fun side, and the serious side when need be. I have experience in doing this job, having been President in Barrie last year, and I know how to bring ALL students together. I think that together, we can all build a better association, and I’ve got a few ideas on how to do that, and I’m sure many of you do as well, so let’s work together, and see if we can improve life for everyone here at Laurentian University. Remember who really runs this university… L-WHO? L-YOU.


-Olivia Coady

Olivia Coady is a fourth year, Concurrent Education student majoring in English and literature studies. Since completing high school, Olivia has been an active fundraiser and student representative for World Vision Canada, The Girl Effect, Three Avocados, Wells of Hope Canada, Sole Hope, United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, and The Maasai Girls
Education Fund. Olivia is the founder and current president of World Vision Campus Laurentian University. During the current academic year, Olivia has worked closely with the Canadian Federation of Students and attended the Ontario general meeting this past January to help organize and promote the February 1st day of action. Olivia is currently an off-campus representative on the Student General Association Board, the social convenor for the Laurentian Off-Campus Society, and also holds the position of the SGA student representative for the Human Rights Board of Laurentian University.

-Joey Kiraga

My name is Joey Kiraga, I am a Law and Justice student and this is my fourth year at Laurentian. I am fully bilingual and I have a great interest in the inner workings of general politics, especially those of Laurentian.  This is my first year on the SGA Board as the Accessibility Commissioner, which was a valuable experience. I am running for Vice President of Issue because I found as commissioner I was unable to put a full effort into helping the SGA as the responsibilities of a commissioner are limited. I appreciate all the support I can get, Thank you and happy voting.

-Nathan Knott

Hello, Bonjour, Aanii, Salaam,

My name is Nathan Gregory Knott and I am running for the office of Vice President of Student Issues. I am campaigning for this position because I have witnessed many questionable actions on the SGA’s part over the past year, and I firmly believe that a new direction is in order. I do not ignore that our association has achieved great things this past year, but there have also been many dubious initiatives taken by our current president and I believe greater oversight is needed. Further, there are lately many issues that the SGA has opted to cover up. The association is not transparent enough and many students are kept in the dark about what truly goes on behind closed doors. Should I be elected Vice President of Student Issues I would be an advocate for full transparency and an association that caters to the interests of all students, not just its president’s.

-Jarrod Shook

Hello Laurentian. My name is Jarrod Shook and I am running for Vice President-Student Issues. I am currently a second year full time student in the Native Human Services Honors Bachelor of Social Work Program. Coming to University has quite literally been a life changing experience for me. Through my education and exposure to the enriching environment that a University Institution provides, I am grateful to say that I have been able to expand my social and political awareness. This is a gift which also carries with it a significant amount of responsibility. It is in this sense that I feel qualified as the next VP of Student Issues. I have an eye for what students want and need, and am driven by passion and duty.  I know when to stand up; I know when to speak up; and I know when to shut up and listen.”


-Kirsten Davidson

Hey everyone! My name is Kirsten Davidson and I am in my third year of concurrent Education at Laurentian University, majoring in sociology. I am a very enthusiastic, caring, easy going, and approachable person who works very well with others, and who strives to accomplish things as a team. I believe that if elected I would bring a fresh new face to the SGA and introduce a lot of new events for a wide variety of LU students. In each of my three years at Laurentian I have been involved in beach days, frosh weeks, carnivals, and stuffing frosh kits. Currently I am the President of the Laurentian Off Campus Society, and I am an Off-campus representative on the board. I have also been involved in assisting other board members with events throughout the year and I am confident in my abilities as a leader and someone who listens to others.

-Kelsey Laplante

“Hey! Bonjour! Hola! I’m Kelsey LaPlante! I’m finishing up my third year of my undergraduate degree of a bachelor of education majoring in Sport & Physical Education here at LU. I’m hoping to be your next SGA Vice President of Services for the 2012-2013 school year! I have every intentions of making sure that through me, everyone in all walks of life are represented through planned activities which will appeal to all personalities and interests. I want this year to be as diverse as possible! Something for everyone! I want clubs at LU to be more well-known, people need to know more about what this amazing school has to offer and get to know the wonderful people who volunteer their time and hard work to make this school as awesome as it is! I want to know what the STUDENTS WANT as it’s what I’m here for!!”

– Carolyn Leblanc

I am currently a second year student in the Native Human Services Social Work Honours Bachelor Degree program. My strong interest in results is evidenced by my past work and volunteer experience. I have significant experience as a paralegal and business owner before returning to complete my post-secondary education.
During my time as a student I have had the opportunity to experience several club and student events. I am an executive member of LAWLU, Laurentian Yearbook, and the ISC. These opportunities have developed my ability to work collaboratively with others. While enhancing my creativity, organization, and communication skills, as well as developing strong client service ethic, which should easily translate to capably handling the day-to-day aspects of the VP Services position.
I’ve truly enjoyed the experiences I’ve had and projects on which I’ve worked since beginning school, and hope that my continued enthusiasm for and interest in working towards positive action will make me your candidate for VP Services.

-Iain Park
The last year at the SGA has been great for a lot of reasons. We’ve seen an amount of student engagement never seen before. There have been countless SGA events and 6 concerts. When I was elected last year I promised more concerts, and more events. I wouldn’t have been able to throw as many concerts or to finance as many events had I not raised over $20 000 in advertising via the student handbook.
Certainly my goal in concerts is not to make a profit off of the students. However, in throwing successful concerts, the SGA recycles funding and that allows for more concerts, departmental events and club funding.
I’m asking you to vote on merit, and progress. So when you go to the polls on Wednesday and Thursday, make the conscious decision to further improve your SGA, Vote 4 Park. Vote for a two night frosh concert at the Bell Park Amphitheatre, it holds 1900 people.

-Tom Sutton

Some call me Tom, Tommer-man,T-Rex  or Dovahkiin – Dragon born. I’m a fourth year Political Science student. I’ve been involved in campus clubs since year one – last year I was responsible for putting on Model Parliament, a unique event shared by only one other campus in Canada. Coordinating between so many diverse people is not an easy job but I happen to have a talent for it. I love making people laugh and treating people respectfully. I listen to what people have to say and I admit that’s a rare trait these days. I’m looking to become your VP of Services because I can bring people together and I want to help provide services that will give you an easier time on campus. Let’s beat back the costs of those books and student card replacements. While I’m at it: It’s time the SGA-AGE website got a makeover.


-McKenna Elsasser

Hello SGA Members,

My name is McKenna Elsasser and I’m a third year Biology student here at LU. I am also currently working at Science North and the Living with Lakes Centre. One thing to note about me: I’m very passionate about my interests. I love science, I love politics, and I am determined to create more cohesion between the two. I am honest and driven, and if elected I will ensure that transparency and accountability permanently exists within the SGA, while effectively representing students on Senate.

I’ve had some very successful and rewarding experiences in the past few years here. This year I was a Party Leader at Model Parliament and was chosen as Best MP. I’ve also proudly co-spearheaded the 2012 Live in for Literacy campaign, exceeding our target of $4000. I am ready to give those same best efforts as an SGA Senator.

-Chris MacCullough

Hi, I’m Chris MacCullough. I’m running for the position of SGA Senator and am currently studying Biology at Laurentian. Why should you vote for me? Fair question. A vote for me becomes a vote for all students. That may sound like the cheesiest line ever stated in an election, but I want to be able to foster in an age of the SGA where students are able to voice their concerns directly to members of the SGA board and the Senators serving on the University Senate. I want to be able to bring the issues and ideas of students to the academic committee of the Senate. As others can agree, I want to address the drama and Constitutional issues of the SGA. Most importantly, I want the SGA not to be seen as a group of students but rather the students’ group, but I need your vote.

-Chloë Mirfield

Hello! A little about myself, I am a 3rd year History/Political Science Major. Currently I am an Off-Campus Rep for the SGA and the Vice-President of LOCS. Previously I have held positions on the UBC student union executive board. I have the experience and the drive needed for this position.  My plan is simple. I want to fight for better international and general student support, through bursaries, program rehabilitation and tuition freezes.  Secondly, I want to create a clear policy that restricts the use of Turnitin and other plagiarism recognizing software. Finally I want to get LU to give back through Humanities 101, a program that would have faculty and students donate their time to teach classes for the disadvantaged of our community. Everyone deserves a right to exemplary education. I will fight for it every step of the way. Vote Chloë… Because you deserve better.

-Allen Sylvestre

I am in my 3rd year here at Laurentian, and am currently in the 1st year of the Commerce program, having spent my previous 2 years in the BSc: Mathematics program. In my time here, I’ve been involved in the Political Science Association, and have attended LUPSA’s annual Model Parliament event, serving twice as a party leader. I’ve also served this past year as an Off-Campus Representative on the SGA Board, and as Treasurer for the Off-Campus Society.
I decided to run for Senator because I felt that the excellent work that has been done by our current Senators needs to continue moving forward. There is currently an issue regarding academic grading standards that has not yet been resolved, and I’d like to see this through should it remain unresolved when the new Senators’ terms begin. I would also like to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the SGA office.

-Sarah Williams

S-Ray! You may recognize my stage name if you headed out to Charity Ball last year. T-Som and I rapped out a thank you to all the students who chatted with us and donated to Live-In for Literacy in 2011. If you’re new to Laurentian this year you might have gone into the Free Store, another initiative I’m a part of. I do a lot around campus and these activities introduce me to students from various backgrounds. The Senate discusses the policies that the University functions under and I am going to take what I learn from you and apply it there. With a strong voice, a critical mind and a creative appeal I’ll reconnect with the administrators I’ve met in my 3 years here as well as the Professors who sit on the board and create a dialogue that gets students what they need in their University policies.


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