Silhouettes to honour fourteen Montreal massacre victims

By Kallie Berens

On Dec. 6, 14 silhouettes representing the women who were killed in the Montreal massacre in 1989 will be displayed in the bowling alley.

“We’re hoping that people can walk by and take a moment to reflect on this time in history, and learn from our goal, which is to end male violence against women,” says Charlie Andrews, SGA President.

Andrews, along with Sarah King-Gold, Artistic Director with Myths and Mirrors, and Danielle Neuen, who works in the Women’s Centre, invited students to decorate full-sized silhouettes of women, each reflecting the personality and interests of the women who were killed.

The fourteen women were studying Engineering at École Polytechnique in Montreal before their lives were ended, when a man with a gun entered the building and began shooting.

“This is why the White Ribbon campaign works hand in hand together with this because it shows that we need to end men’s violence towards women,” Andrews said. “Everyone has a right to belong and achieve their goals.”

In addition to raising awareness about the campaign, Andrews is also encouraging a greater art presence in Laurentian.

“I have been trying to plan more artistic and cultural events, and this is a prime example on bringing art to the campus”, Andrews said. “There’s a Music program, a Theatre Arts program, but there’s no Visual Arts program, so we’re lacking one of the elements of fine art.”

Andrews plans to bring more events to campus this year, a part of an SGA initiative called Art Support. “Art Support is initially

a collaboration between CKLU, Lambda and the SGA and so we find unique, artistic opportunities that will allow us to engage the community and students at Laurentian”, Andrews said. He plans on bringing more musical workshops and a stronger visual arts prominence to Laurentian,

with the intention of building an artistic community with students: “We lack this culture on our campus, so by focusing on building the community on campus this year it would be better to build it in Sudbury in the future”.

For more information on how to get involved with future artistic

events through the SGA, contact Charlie Andrews at sgapresident@, and to find out more about the White Ribbon campaign, visit www.whiteribbon. ca.

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