Results of the Mar. 23/24 SGA Election

By Callam Rodya

Here are the results of the Mar. 23/24 SGA-AGE Election for the 2011-2012 school year. These results have now been deemed invalid by the election’s Chief Returning Officer due to a failure to reach quorum. For more details, read SGA election invalid, re-ballot scheduled for April.

SGA President

Charlie Andrews: 297 votes
Keygan Ricketts: 292 votes

SGA Vice President, Services

Iain Park: 283 votes
James Sylvestre: 293 votes

SGA Vice President, Issues

Tim Campbell: 334 votes
Casey Lalonde: 239 votes

Laurentian Senate SGA Representative

Zack Courtemanche: 434 YES votes, 114 NO votes
Mark Mancini: 435 YES votes, 109 NO votes

A re-ballot has been scheduled for April 4 and 5. The SGA Board plans to pass a motion to significantly reduce or eliminate the quorum necessary to validate election results.

For more information on the candidates for SGA office, read the Lambda Election Guide.